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One of the proudest moments of my life pct as a soldier was when, at Anderson's Cross Roads, the front to beat off a train-guard came back beaten and demoralized, General Wheeler galloped up to our commander and said,"Colonel Russell, you will have to go in with the Fourth Alabama." Our grim old colonel came nearer smiling than I ever saw him as he saluted and gave the order,'' Cap your guns, men!" We made short work of it.

Hutchinson has taught that" all living pus is contagious, and shot soft chancre is due to contagion with inflammatory products. The syphilitics did well nnder rubbings or internal treatment; and take some who had been rejected in accordance with the regulations of the War Department, on account of open lesions, were entirely free of their symptoms by the time their discharge papers were ready. The bleed twins ing in this case may be lessened or arrested by compression below the wound. Uk - to illustrate: It is a matter of much moment to a gambler whether there is to be a" wide-open town" or not; it means the success or failure of his business; it involves not only the pleasure, but the livelihood, of all his friends. To wait for an acute attack to make how a resection which demands all the delicacy of plastic surgery, is to choose the most unfavorable moment and the worst conditions for an operation. Communications are invited from all parts of the world Original articles contributed exclusively to THE MEDICAL News will be liberally paid for upon publication: pregnant. Hydriodic acid, or hydrogen you iodide, is prepared by passing sulphuretted hydrogen (hydrogen sulphide) into an aqueous solution as a powder. He had also the peculiar grunt online which is so characteristic of these cases. Roosa, in his work on diseases of the ear, mentions the membrane as a valuable aid for the cure of chronic suppuration of the middle ear, but he does not explain its action (get).

The train passed a spot where, the night before, a stiff battle had been fought, and all about the track were the bodies of dead Poles and Bolsheviks, as well as many wounded, who were taken on the train and cared for by the American Red Cross: does. The professional success of trigger a practitioner depends upon qualities connected with his moral character, his scientific attainments, and also bis industry and business talent. But, since very large doses Lre necessary, I prefer to use the hydrate of:hloral, the effects of which, moreover, are lave always had recourse to this remedy?ith or without and morphine, and success has he patient and spared him the strait-jacket. Otherwise (if there on has been no lesion), the inflammation always extends by means of the tubes. The nature of the terraine over which this hospital operates is usually such as to remove where it from railroad transportation facilities. The patient, who has been returned to his regiment, finds himself eventually, "mg" with a history of vague functional trouble, in the hands of the regimental doctor. One endo-uterine remedy, the utility of which in every form of chronic inflammatory or with congestive disease of the endometrium is universally acknowledged, is frequent and long-continued hot-water douching or irrigation, for the purpose of inducing contraction of the congested vessels and improving the local circulation. Lord Palmerston, the Prime Minister, and the best informed and most experienced statesman of his of day in international affairs, was examined. The worst case that he had ever seen was that of a lady who, thirty for years ago, fell on the floor in a sitting posture, a cliild having pulled away her chair. She was can sent to she had an ovarian tumor.


To be sure many other patients have overworked themselves, and many who it are not patients have been exposed to wet and cold.

She has ever buy been done to find the cause of heri headache. The possible utilization of other agents besides chemical products was foreseen by the congress, in the recommendation of investigations concerning sterilization procedures by physical means, especially while those based on the employment of ultraviolet rays or ozone. We convinced ourselves repeatedly of the superiority of tumenol paste over the simple The tinctures were prepared as follows: The aqueous preparation when painted on the skin dries readily and completely; that containing glycerin leaves behind a somewhat sticky film suitable for to holding a dusting powder. Recognizes only as respectively lighter and daiker gray the colored rings which "effects" with the right eye she distinguishes quite correctly. The ideal position for fixation in caries of the spine is not with the spine straight, but, if it were possible, with the spine above the point of disease curved backwards, so that the weakened bodies be sale not crowded together on the inside, but separated on the outside of the curve. Early in the morning he consulted a dentist, thinking to make criminate his teeth as a cause of his disfigurement.



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