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Cleanser - due, ious sufficient to permit finger examination as well established, to the entrance into the then a curettage by a small blunt curette system of pathogenic germs in the majority should be done, and there are few cases of cases the septicaemia is due to the class, where this cannot be done satisfactorily often combined or mixed infections, in fact without the introduction of hands or instruone author, Hirsts Obstetrics, mentions some ments within the cervix and infection apforty microorganisms that may be concern- pears, prompt local irrigation of the vagina ed in its production, ranging all the way with corrosive sublimate solution, the from the mild varieties to the malignant cautsrization of sluggish ulcers and the"Streptococcus erysipelatous." Perhaps profuse use of iodoform will check infiamthe placental site, which after parturition is mation and keep infection from extending an unprotected"raw surface," is the most to the uterus in the majority of cases, fruitful field, though the various abrasions Fissures and lacerations, if not sutured, along the maternal tract, the deep lacera- should be filled with iodoform powder. It depends largely upon the student himself whether he india will get the best possible results.

The white pigment is granular, and of a yellowish colour; it is derived from the blood, and seems to be of the nature of hsematoidin. In his address in Convocation Hall, after receiving the degree of LL.D., he stated that he had visited the Toronto General Hospital on the previous morning, and he declared that it was far the best hospital he had even seen, all the departments he had visited appearing to The American College of Surgeons was founded in Washington a few months ago (wrinkle).

It is j)robable that, in a large proportion of cases, the neuralgic pain is due to neuritis of one or part of one side of the thorax or abdomen, most often in the region innervated by the sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth intercostal nerves, and much more frecpiently in tho front or side than behind (prestige).

Another tendon, H, of great strength and slight elasticity, arrests the motion of the knee gently, in walking thus preventing all disagreeable sound and jarring sensation, and giving requisite elasticity to A spring, lever, and tendon, I J K, combining with the knee-bolt, give instant extension to the leg when it has been simi-flexed to take a step, and admit of perfect flexion in sitting: brightening.

Again there were those operated in which the lymphatic invasion was well advanced, leaving nothing tattoo to be gained by ligatiug the veins. Price - the glands are more liable to be affected in the early periods of life.

Their accord with tcratological deformities in the family ingredients and the individual is favorable to the hypothesis of a common origin of the degeneracies (neuropathies, arthropathies, etc.), with which tumors may the term famillc Urafoplasique to the non-parasitic group of tumors. Of bladder irritation; pains over the bladder and dysuria (cream). " Within the upper dorsal vertebrae, on the left side, rather more than an inch in length, in the direction of the spinal axis, and about half an inch in a transverse direction, was an apoplectic cell, containing the red and broken remains of a coagulum; and lower down in the spinal canal, the internal ligament was to some extent deeply marked by ecchymosis, as if review in progress towards the formation of another similar eftlision. These defectives, problem of defective child-life in this counbe they temporary or otherwise, if not try, has not as yet received that special atjudiciously cared for, educated and trained tention and thoughtful consideration of the from almost infancy to adolescence, will be state which it deserves (dior).

It can scarcely be expected that, when once lash perforation and rupture of the air-sacs have taken place, the normal condition of the lung can be restored.


Ship's most anxious to persuade me to say that it was puerperal septicsemia due to some fault of his; but, on the contrary, I told them that it had nothing whatever to do with the confinement and that anti-aging the patient had a dear history of several previous attacks of appendicitis. In deep one year there has been no return of the trouble. The "and" ulcers present either a greyish yellow or pinkish giMutdar base, and miiuito yellowish nodules are occasionally developed in their neighbourhood. Following the series she continued to complain of magazine severe pain in her shoulder. Infants may develop increased intracranial skin pressure with bulging fontanels. The patient with such somatic preoccupation can usually find others who are willing to share in his preoccupation, namely, physician, family, and friends, and thus a base great deal of secondary gain is derived from the Somatic delusions represent a direct, primitive, and symbolic expression of intrapsychic disorganization. When these protozoa are encountered in examinations of stools, one must consider the possibility that other more dangerous parasites, a part of whose life cycle is collection spent in water, may also be pathological importance.

Regular examination children under twelve years of age, the of the urine carried protection out at least once a week subcutaneous method should be substituted would reduce the fatal cases of idiosyncrasy for the intramuscular. Returning from a visit to her ill grandchildren, she noted the onset of earache on the intense right side. When the stomach is full, eye place the instrument just below the greater curvature. There were found tuberculous ulcerations in the mesenteric satin glands.

Serum - the conduction of the heart-somids and impulse, and the tense unyielding condition of the bulged side on palpation, may lead to the suspicion of mediastinal tumour; but in the case of hydatids there is seldom any visible venous engorgement, or laryngeal or oesophageal pressure-sign, as in aneurysmal or other mediastinal growths.



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