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It was his own practice to to measure by minims; and, he observed, with such a deadly matter as prussic acid, it was not prudent for any medical man to rely upon drops; he ought to measure it.

The exact position cannot be definitely stated on account of the astigmatism of eccentric pencils; but this would Seem side to be of little importance, because of the comparative insensibility of the periphery of the retina, and because of our habit of turning the eye toward anything that we wish to see distinctly. Gangrene supervened; amputation was resorted to; resection of the elbow, which I saw performed, the sesquiehloride of iron was applied to the wound as a dressing, at a time when I could see no buy bleeding.


Nancrede's was among the most successful order read before it. Tc: members registered, which is not at all bad when plan it is considered that there were no reduced rates for the occasion, and many of the members had to travel several hundred miles to get to the place of meeting.

The result of boiling these inquiries has been, almost invariably, to show that about Iialf of the cases in which the cause of death of married women is returned as peritonitis or pyajmia, are in reality cases of hietria or puerperal fever.


Wiih these symptoms there appeared an intense fever, of which the remissions were very short; the heart symptoms had also assumed an aggravated gnc character. Probably the greatest objection to this method of treatment is the fact that it reviews has the tendency to destroy some of any remaining epithelium, making more likely the necessity of grafting. Condemned, as he now is results in many cases, to live out of barracks, he finds his lodging-money insufficient, his meals dull and solitary, his professional work frequently restricted to the monotonous manipulation of dry returns and forms. In no case in which I have selected it as the proper operation have I effects been disappointed. It may also be said in favor of the drastics that, during their employment, of the kidneys are saved from irritation. The symptoms of this cambogia neurosis are often subtle and may closely simulate organic disease, and the differential diagnosis is sometimes very difficult.

The red marrow from the sternum contained plenty of oil-globules, and was made pills up of cells larger than those from the tibia. He prepared with great care specimens of the epithelial cells from the different portions of the urethra, pure bladder, ureters, pelves of the kidneys, and renal tubules.

There is a little in uncerlamty as to the real character of the tumour in the right inguinal region. This affection is most liable to attack young persons, and is far more common in females than in males: nx75.

Board of Councilors, as follows: point This resolution is referred to the, Reference Committee on Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws, with instructions to prepare an amendment in due form, if necessary. An ovarian sac with its walls not very tightly distended, and lying closely in contact with a large part of the abdominal wall, may be so difficult to feel, and its fluctuation is sometimes so marked, that it may be mistaken for an ascites; of course, only with that extreme grade of ascites in which the tympanitic sound of percussion is extinguished even in the very highest part of the belly, and in which therefore the patient cannot by sudden changes of attitude cause dull and tympanitic sounds to be heard alternately upon percussion, a very characteristic mark of ascites of moderate and degree. With slim proper technique there should be practically no danger of spreading infection if such diseases as poliomyelitis and meningococcic meningitis were treated in a general hospital. Moreover, partial anaemia of the water brain, and softening of the brain due to necrosis of the anaemic portion, is not the only brain-disease caused by atheromatous degeneration of the cerebral arteries.

An exceedingly diet interesting and enlightening report is made of the clinical uses of barbiturates and of the bromides. No physician can properly examine a extract chest in less than an Dr.

After this, the man's sight and chocolate condition improved in every way; but, after some months, the right disc still remained white and contracted, the retinal arteries small, and the veins large and tortuous.



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