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Agreement to Co-operate - Connecting London

LondonConnects partners have signed a declaration committing themselves to the development of the Information Society, for the benefits of all citizens, communities and businesses in London.

We will work together to ensure that all London's citizens & businesses are fully aware of, and able to benefit from, better services and improved job opportunities to be provided by the information revolution and the growth of the knowledge economy.

As representatives of London's major public bodies we subscribe to the following principles:

  • that cities are essential to the process of building a fair Information Society because they are the geographical, political, socio-economic and cultural entities where millions live, work and directly exercise their rights as citizens and consumers;

  • that the effective development and deployment of Information Society Technologies in our diverse communities has the potential to improve:

    • the quality of life and work of individuals,
    • employment opportunities
    • the quality , seamlessness, cost-effectiveness of processes and services
    • the practice of government and democracy at all levels
    • the prospects of the social economy and sustainable development

  • that there is the need for conscious steps to improve social inclusion and help avoid the division between information-rich and information-poor citizens and communities;

  • that the convergence and gradual globalisation of information society technologies and services need new forms of governance and co-operation;

  • that the early phases of development of the Information Society imply a learning process in which the sharing of experiences, results and lessons between organisations will be most beneficial;

  • that there needs to be co-operation across London and across sectors to build network infrastructure and develop applications required to deliver the promise of electronic government;

  • that it is vital for the UK economy as a whole and the future prosperity of all our people that London maintains its position as a leading global centre for high technology and new economy businesses.

  • that the London Connects initiative provides an innovative mechanism for an informed interaction between a broad range of organisations in London, including government and the public sector.

On this basis the signatories commit themselves to work together to set up a London Connects Steering Group to oversee the development and implementation of an Information Society Strategy for London which will aim to:

  • help to reduce the gap between information-rich and information-poor and enable the delivery of electronic government by addressing the key issues of joined up service delivery, providing the infrastructures, maximising employment, and improving governance;

  • ensure the application of Information Society Technologies in London with a view to improving the quality of life and work potential of individuals, the quality and cost-effectiveness of processes and services, and the effective progress towards sustainable development and electronic government;

  • nurture trust and confidence in the development of the Information Society, respecting the laws, traditions, languages and culture of London's diverse communities; while nurturing democratic participation, freedom of speech and privacy in the practice of electronic government;

  • tackle the low levels of technological awareness , poor public access and shortage of skilled people that can represent a major obstacle to an equal-opportunity Information Society;

  • encourage the sharing of experiences, results and lessons among key actors in London and other cities and regions both at home and globally, in order to facilitate a local and global process of information-society learning and development;

  • define and implement a programme of action that will help turn London into an exciting, wealthy and thriving e-region and e-capital city.