Conferences & Workshops  

10 Jul 02   The London e-government conference More info >
25 Feb 02   Health & Social Care More info >
11 July 01   Vision and Objectives More info >
10 July 01   IEG Workshop More info >
08 June 01   Visions and objectives  
01 June 01   Research Innovation  
25 May 01   Network  
24 May 01   GIS  
23 May 01   Standards  
18 May 01   ICT Access  
17 May 01   Harmonisation  
16 May 01   London Portal  
10 May 01   Vision and Objectives  
09 May 01   Vision and Objectives  


The London Connects Initiative has so far held two major conferences, one in October 2000 which launched the initiative and a further conference in March 2001. The 2002 conference is now being planned and will take place during the first week of June, 2002.

We have also run a series of workshops, seminars and information sessions for members. Details of these are published for you to see.

More seminars, workshops and other activities are planned for the rest of 2001 and 2002, as well as a whole range of meetings which will support the launch of the draft strategy document and enable explanations and feedback on the contents.

More information is obtainable from the Consultation and Document section on this site, or contact