Project Register  

Strategic e-initiatives in London

The information listed below, which is by no means definitive, summarises some of the innovative work currently underway across London.
  1. E-delivery to socially excluded groups - LB Sutton
  2. Single public access - Kingston council
  3. Work/training for the district - Surrey
  4. Electronic re-licensing - DETR
  5. Barnet web portal for local community access - LB Barnet
  6. - LB Croydon
  7. Integrated Health & Social care - LB Harrow
  8. Engage young people in services - Met police
  9. Life Events Access Project (LEAP) - LB Lewisham
  10. On-line drugs and alcohol services - LB Harrow
  11. The E-shop Project - LB Brent
  12. Prestige (smart card) - Transport for London
  13. Project Lion
  14. Community portal - LB Barking
  15. People's Network - LB Barnet
  16. Online Public Forums - LB Barnet
  17. Cyber Link - LB Waltham Forest
  18. Residents' Forums - Westminster City Council
  19. Community services on the internet - Kingston Council
  20. e-merton - LB Merton
  21. APLAWS (Accessible and Personalised Local Authority Websites) - LB Camden
  22. Web-based services for Local Authority functions - LB Waltham Forest
  23. ExSEL - LB Bromley
  24. Community services on the Internet - LB Kingston
  25. Building on Success - Mapping the Future - LB Wandsworth

1 E-delivery to socially excluded groups - LB Sutton
The project aims to test and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the application of innovative methods of electronic assistance, to enable hitherto excluded groups of people with learning disabilities gain access to training and employment opportunities.

Kiran Dattini-Pitt  

2 Single Public Access - Kingston Council
A single access point to public services for a residential population of 555,000 and community interests in four Boroughs in South West London. The Boroughs, with central government, voluntary bodies and recognised IT partners will create an extranet, accessible through a single portal. It will provide information and service access for a wide range of public services, over the Internet, assistance via local premises and via cable TV. The Government Secure Intranet will be utilised to break down demarcation between local and central government services.

Tony Newbolt  

3) Work/training for the district - Surrey
This submission is from a consortium of organisations involved with for training and employment services for people with disabilities. The project involves an analysis of the quality and cost advantages of externalising social enterprises currently being operated by public authorities to provide work and training for disabled and disadvantaged people.

Paul Leyland  

4) Electronic re-licensing - DETR
2 pilots have tested the feasibility of allowing drivers to apply for vehicle tax discs by electronic means. Under the first, drivers make applications through a call center. The second pilot has enabled drivers to make an application via the Internet & make payments by credit card.

Jim Milner  

5) Barnet Web portal for local community access - LB Barnet
The creation of a community portal - a single gateway (or front door) to public, private and voluntary sector services. A further option is also put forward for consideration - to add a comprehensive e-democracy platform, allowing consultation and a unique interactive online word-specific consultation package. A key feature of our approach is the concern to explore the potential benefits of the rapidly emerging digital television technology by sampling its use among disadvantaged groups.

Kevin Wilson  

6) Safety .net - LB Croydon
To provide project management to undertake a feasibility study, produce a development plan, and work with the wide range of providers to implement new arrangements to integrate the current separate out-of-hours services for health and social care in Croydon. To utilise new technology to allow solutions not previously possible to join up fragmented and isolated services by using a call center with health assessment software and secure links to download information to appropriate professionals operating out-of-hours

Stephen Allen  

7) Integrated Health & Social care - LB Harrow
Integrating health partners information systems. And offering socially excluded groups information & advice on benefits, health & social care.

Colin Oakley

8) Engage young people in services - Met Police
A "smart card" reward scheme where young people collect points for good school attendance and positive behaviors. Promoted by a vibrant and innovative sport, arts and web café concept, points gained are exchanged for rewards through a range of leisure, arts and sports partners. The reward card scheme is linked to an interactive web site, which provides information on the full range of youth provision in Southwark. The rewards available will draw heavily on private sponsorship and donation.

Project 244 Executive Summary.pdf

Chief Insp.Russell Denton

9) Life events access project - LB Lewisham
Life Events Access Project (LEAP): use of key services and key life events for use by partners and others in designing customer focussed service delivery through a variety of media, including call centres, one stop shops, kiosks and video conferencing.

Alan Davies

10) On-line drug & alcohol service - LB Harrow
An innovative CIT on-line information and advice service to the local community of Brent and linking the agencies who provide the services and referrals. It particularly focuses on those who are socially exclude due to alcohol and drug use/misuse and related activities i.e. crime. The project encompasses the objectives of the e-government agenda.
Colin Oakley

11) The E-Shop Project - LB Brent
The E-shop Pathfinder project is designed to assist the wider introduction of effective electronically enabled customer services in Local Government by:

  • Developing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system suited to the particular needs of local government and capable of rapid and low-cost implementation in other boroughs.
  • Re-developing Brent's Community Information system (BRAIN) and making it available to other local authorities.
  • Developing intelligent online forms for council services.
  • Developing a technical demonstrator of an IP based Contact Center.
  • Making available to all local authorities the lessons learned from the project together with the experience gained from Brent's successful One Stop Shops and Contact Center.

12) Prestige (smart card) - Transport for London
The PRESTIGE project aims to provide benefits to both passengers and transport operators, which in the case of bus travel in London covers all the independent operators running services under contract to Transport for London. The ticket selling service must be quick, convenient and easily accessible, so that potential users are attracted as readily as existing passengers and the demand for and use of public transport facilities is maximised. As far as Transport for London and London Underground are concerned, the objectives of PRESTIGE are to improve information about passengers and their travel patterns; to reduce opportunities for fraud; and to offer greater flexibility for adapting or introducing fares and ticketing policies (for example, in differential charging at different times of the day). In addition, new ticket products such as Stored Value Ticketing (SVT) will provide a convenient alternative for passengers currently paying cash, although this facility will continue to be available.

13) Project LION
Project LION aims to tackle and reduce the demand on services that crime and disorder causes. This means new processes to support joined-up working. A website will hold information that partner agencies can use to develop solutions to problems. Project LION is about providing better services to meet needs of people living or working in a borough. By enabling services to work together we can all get the most from our resources and avoid duplication and misunderstanding.

14) Community portal - LB Barking Dagenham
Responsibility for the Council's entire public web presence was recently acquired by the Department and a new integrated community website was launched in early August 2001. Development is now underway to make the new site a Community Portal. Barking and Dagenham has been successful in bidding for funds to build a new UK Online Center at Marks Gate, creating a fully integrated community resource with a library and learning center linked to the existing community hall and other facilities.

15) People's Network - LB Barnet
A major boost for the Council's new opportunities for all initiative, Barnet won the cash as part of the Government's People's Network Project. The People's Network is a national initiative for all public libraries designed to make it easy for local people to access computers linked to the internet to support their own individual special information, training and learning needs. In Barnet, 200 computers will be installed in our libraries giving immediate Internet access as well as lifelong learning opportunities.

16) Online Public Forums - LB Barnet
You can read, download and comment on our published Green Papers (proposed local government legislation subject to public consultation and feedback). It is important that all interested parties respond to these proposals. You may use the online Consultation Form to make your comments. Alternatively, you may like to make your comment about our proposed legislation on our Online Public Forums. You will also find details of our Online Public Consultation programmes.

17) Cyber Link - LB Waltham Forest
It is a unique project providing IT training and computer facilities to local people in the Leyton area. This initiative has been developed by a partnership between local residents, community groups and the Waltham Forest Social Inclusion Team. The project is funded through the European Objective 2 funding programme and has been open since October 1999. The training room has been equipped with computers linked to the Internet.

18) Residents' Forums - Westminster City Council
We have six Environment network forums across the whole of Westminster. They are designed to give residents the opportunity to meet and influence the delivery of our services at a local level and contribute to Best Value, a new statutory duty placed on local authorities.

A mentoring implementation programme will be developed which will be capable of being used in future years by other councils in a cascade approach.


19) Community services on the internet - Kingston Council Kingston
Community Care Services now has a comprehensive guide to their services on the Internet. The site provides an easy-to-access guide to the range of social services currently available to adults living in the Royal Borough that can help them to live independently in their own home.

20) e-merton - LB Merton
Merton has been examining ways to make access to services easier for all Its customers It has also been looking at improving links with its suppliers, agencies, central government and other organisations it has to work with. The aim is to build services around the needs of the customers, with improved responsiveness and quality. In order to achieve this goal, Merton will make full use of information technology (IT) to deliver services seamlessly and at times to suit the needs of the citizen. Within the next four years customers will be able to access services through the Internet, digital televisions, and mobile phones, as well as walk-in and telephone customer contact centres. This project will be called 'e-merton', and will run from now to 2005. The e-Merton project is designed to provide access to services electronically, and will help Merton meet the Government's target of having all services available electronically by 2005.

21) APLAWS (Accessible and Personalised Local Authority Websites) - LB Camden
APLAWS will provide an 'open source' standardised model for local authority websites that implements Governments Interoperability, Metadata and Accessibility standards. As a "tailored service" an APLAWS website will enable dynamic syndication of local, regional and national information into a single portal. Age Concern, the Royal National Institute for the Blind, plus other voluntary groups from each local authority area, have been involved in the development of the project to ensure it will be accessible to everyone in the community.

22) Web-based services for Local Authority functions - LB Waltham Forest
The project will deliver a proven, transportable and transactional local authority website that can be either implemented in its entirety or just selective modules. It will also be easily tailored and badged to meet local requirements.

23) ExSEL - LB Bromley
Social Services, Health, Housing and Benefits are critical services, especially for the most disadvantaged in the community. This pathfinder project will link front and back office processes across multiple agencies to enable higher performance and improve quality of customer service. The project will build on the e-government strategy already being delivered by the London Borough of Bromley (LINKS). It will focus on specific issues where direct customer service and efficiency benefits can be realised by March 2002, and where these can be sustained and built upon for the future. It will analyse the customer service/business processes that cross organisational and geographic boundaries of the partner organisations and will deliver specific models, components, systems and services to enable replication across London and beyond.

24) E-Payment and E-procurement and an interface into back office accounting systems - LB Newham
The project's goal is to develop a model for e-procurement that e-enables purchasing and supplying for organisations. Newham will develop an e-procurement capability - that is, the ability to buy goods and services electronically, either on the Web or via an Intranet. This capability includes on-line catalogues, ordering and payments systems and interfaces into back office systems. The project will bring together a group of London Boroughs. Each organisation is unique so the project will include reviews of each participating body. This will include the specialist Purchasing, Finance and IT staff, plus an assessment of back office systems. Partnerships will be developed so as to include large corporate (London wide) suppliers, but also local community and business involvement.


25) Building on Success - Mapping the Future - LB Wandsworth
The Wandsworth Pathfinder project will improve access to planning and building control information and enable the submission of applications on-line. This project will allow users to pinpoint the information they are interested in, with links to applications and the development plan. Citizens and businesses will also be able to define their areas of interest, determining when they are consulted on applications. The project will provide a methodology and infrastructure to expand to other services. This will enable the Council to profile residents and businesses, and thus proactively target the information it can automatically provide.