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New e-GIF Consultation Launched

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24 February 2003

Further developments have been announced on the technical policies and specifications underpinning the UK's eGovernment strategy for public sector IT systems.

The fifth version of the e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) has been released in draft form for public consultation, marking the first major change to the document since the publication of its fourth revision in March last year. Adherence to the specifications set out in the e-GIF is a mandatory requirement for all public sector information systems.

The proposed version 5.0 of the e-GIF incorporates new specifications for the delivery of electronic services to citizens via personal digital assistants, smartcards and mobile phone messaging services.

The latest update also includes guidance on the use of wireless local area network communications, albeit to the extent of advising that work is ongoing to develop a "standards based approach to enable wider deployment of wireless within Government".

Future versions of the framework will also reflect the outcome of a study of mobile communications being undertaken by of the Office of the e-Envoy, which is examining the use of mobile phones as a channel for personalised eGovernment services. Mandated standards and best practice specifications for the emerging Web services technologies are expected to be included in the e-GIF at a later date. The document furthermore reveals that specifications for smart phones and video conferencing may be incorporated in the future. The possible inclusion of specifications for VoiceXML, a standard used to interact with the internet and databases using speech-recognition software, is also under review.

The proposals are subject to consultation until 28 March 2003.

Download the draft e-GIF v5.0 Part One: Framework
Download the draft e-GIF v5.0 Part Two: Technical Policies and Specifications

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