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Congestion Charge Sparks International Interest

15 April 2003

Up to a dozen major cities worldwide could adopt London's congestion charge model within the next five years, the Financial Times reports today.

Speaking in an interview, Derek Turner, Transport for London's former Managing Director of Street Management who is regarded as the architect of the London scheme, disclosed that cities across Europe, North and South American, Asia and Australia has expressed an interest.  "People are wanting to know how we did it, how we can learn", Mr Turner said. The most likely candidates for further introduction in the UK would be in Edinburgh, Leeds and Bristol, he was quoted as saying.

The FT also reports that since its introduction in February, the congestion charge has reduced traffic by a slightly less than predicted, penalty fines droped off quickly after the first week and revenue was "likely to be less than forecast".

According to a report from BBC News today, Mr Turner has described the scheme as a success, with traffic in the capital decreasing by 17 per cent since its launch.

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