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Westminister Looks to Wi-Fi

28 April 2003

Westminster City Council is set to become the first local authority in the UK to roll out a wireless network providing officers in the field with full internet access.

Entitled Westminster 4-G, the pilot project will enable Street environment inspectors, parking attendants, noise management teams and many other council officers to access internal systems remotely, in real time from anywhere within the Soho district - potentially reducing costs, improving efficiency and also enhancing services.

Ian Wilder, the local councillor leading the project, described it as "a uniquely flexible solution that could revolutionise Council services and communications in central London."

He continued: "Initially, our officers will benefit, and the possibilities are very exciting. For example, we could expand our CCTV coverage at a fraction of the current cost without the need for traditional connections. Officers would be able to have access to CCTV and other data observation and collection points."

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