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Cautious Welcome for IEG3 Changes

10 June 2003

The Society for IT Management (Socitm) today welcomed the streamlined reporting process designed to assist local authorities this year in submitting their third Implementing Electronic Government (IEG3) Statement - but suggests there is much room for improvement.

"Socitm is pleased that this year's IEG process looks like it will be more manageable than in previous years", commented its Chief Executive Kate Mountain. "It's a huge step in the right direction. But we think it could be still better - clearer, more understandable and easier to draw comparisons."

In its response to draft approach for IEG3 issued for consultation recently, Socitm described the new pro-forma system was a "positive and welcome attempt to simplify something many regard as onerous and resource intensive".  All councils in England are required to complete their IEG3, setting out their plans for eGovernment and demonstrating how previous funding has been used, in order to receive continued financial assistance from central government.

The local government IT body stressed that measurements of eGovernment activity and performance needed to be understable to chief executives, executive members and citizens, as well as ICT professionals. "Most importantly, they must accurately reflect what is really happening against clear and agreed criteria and definitions, so that ‘apples are being compared with apples’", Socitm said.

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