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Parking Moves into the 21st Century
23 June 2003

The Department of Trade and Industry is funding development of new, integrated parking and traffic systems designed for councils, the police and transport authorities using mobile and satellite-based tracking technologies.

Enfield-based startup In8 has received backing from the DTI's Small Business Service's Smart scheme, which provides grants and support to SMEs involved in the research and development of innovative IT products. The government grant is being used to produce a functioning bench-top model of the innovation, which is on schedule to be ready in the next few months. The technology enables wardens, police officers and others to enforce parking and traffic regulations objectively using handheld devices, allows members of the public to receive information on regulations at their exact location and offers motorists the facility to make cashless parking payments from their vehicle.

In8 founder Tim Carpenter said the project would enable parking "to be brought from the 1960s world of coins and roadside meters, to the 21st century of satellite navigation, mobile communications and cashless  payments". The company is currently looking to partner with local authorities and other interested parties in taking forward development of the project. For further information, contact Tim Carpenter on 020 8567 3440
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