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MPs Set Sights on Spam

1 July 2003

MPs and industry officials gathered today for a Government summit on spam to discuss ways of stemming the tide of unsolicited emails that threatens to clog in-boxes and overwhelm the internet.

Opening the event, eCommerce Minister Stephen Timms addressed the global nature of the problem: "Spam is not just a UK or European problem."

He continued: "Most spam comes from outside. A lot of it comes from the US. Hopefully, it is possible for us to come up with an EU-US solution from our discussions today."

The event marks the beginning of a public enquiry by the parliamentary All Party Internet Group (APIG) which will examine the problem in the next few month.

The APIG is expected to reveal the results its enquiry and any recommendations later this year.

Email security services company, MessageLabs estimates that a company with 500 employees is losing around £3,000 per month just dealing with junk emails.

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