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Local Councils Looking More Attractive to ICT Workers

7 July 2003

The public sector is getting better at hiring and holding onto IT staff, according to a new survey.

The fourth annual salary survey published by the Socity of IT Management (Socitm), reveals a number of interesting trends.

Overall, the rate of growth in salaries for Information Communication Technology (ICT) staff grew, the number of resignations dropped, and fewer local councils encountered problems recruiting and retaining IT workers.

The survey was conducted by CEL Ltd and covered some 5,000 ICT staff salaries from 140 local authorities, seven job levels, five job functions and 105 key skills.

Comparing the public sector data with CEL's results for the private sector from their larger Computer Staff Salary Survey reveals major discrepancies in remuneration packages, however, the Socitm survey confirms that the "fringe benefits" offered by local authorities, such as flexible hours, options to tele-work, job sharing and structured training and development plan, continue to be important elements in attracting and retaining skilled ICT staff, particularly at the junior levels.

Although the trends are postive, Andy Roberts, chair of Socitm's Member Services Group the body that commissioned the survey, warns: "The public sector is currently enjoying the benefits of difficult conditions elsewhere - when the economy picks up and competition for skilled staff increases, the private sector will increase salaries, and we will find our recruitment and retention problems will worsen once again."

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