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e-Learning for All

8 July 2003

The Government is to ensure that everyone from primary school pupils to adult learners will be given access to the latest Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the Education and Skills Minister Charles Clarke has announced.

Mr Clarke was speaking at the Association for Learning Technologies conference in London, where he launched a new consultation document entitled 'Fulfilling the Potential - Transforming Teaching and Learning through ICT in Schools' that outlines the Government's vision to deliver e-Learning innovation to all schools, colleges and universities across England.

The consultation paper builds on what the Department for Education and Skills's (DfES) sees as excellent work already underway in a number of areas including a project to teach Liverpudlian pupils French, Spanish and German by taking advantage of email and video-conferencing technologies.

Challenging the those in the education sector, employers and the ICT industry, Mr Clarke said: "Using interactive technologies can bring huge benefits to the way we teach and learn, but at the moment there is not enough of it happening in this country. All learners, from pre-school to lifelong learning, can benefit from mixing these new technologies with other forms of study. We must make sure those benefits are universal."

The consultation period will run to January 2004 and interested parties can download the document from the DfES website:

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