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Government Plans to Crack E-Crime
15 July 2003

Details have emerged of the Government's plans for its first ever strategy to tackle what it sees as the increasing problem of internet-related offences and the difficulty of bringing 'e-criminals' to justice.
Home Office Minister Caroline Flint outlined yesterday the Government's approach to mark the launch of new e-Crime report produced jointly by the parliamentary lobby group EURIM and influential IPPR think-tank.
According to details released earlier, the Government intends to consult with law enforcement agencies and industry to flesh out the proposed strategy, and deliver what the Minister said would be "an enhanced and robust response to the prevention, detection and prosecution of e-crime."
The Government plans to analyse the "current and future nature of e-crime" and examine international agreements currently in force to make sure that authorities are not hampered in taking action against new forms of crime. One such agreement that the Home Office indicated it intends to review is the European Union Council framework decision on attacks against information systems, which the UK adopted earlier this year and was designed to close legal 'loopholes' covering emerging criminal activities such as hacking and denial of service attacks. The strategy will also focus on "old crimes committed using new technology" - namely fraud and paedophilia.

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