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E-Envoy's Office Evaluates YoungGov

15 July 2003

The Office of the e-Envoy has published a short evaluation of YoungGov, its project to make government information more accessible and relevant to young people via a dedicated youth section on the UK Online citizen portal.

YoungGov, launched in November 2002, was aimed at 11-18 year-olds and provides information on topics such as healthy eating, volunteering and links to other government websites.

The e-Envoy's Office reports the initiative has received positive feedback from users, although some tensions are indicated over the input of third-parties, such as school pupils, in the section's design which as the report puts it, "does not go as far as many of our collaborators would like."

The report remarks: "The issues highlight the distinction between involving consumers and giving them control over the end product."

The paper also states that YoungGov, which reported 8,000 users in six months, "has achieved an audience which delivers real value", but has not yet "amassed the significant audience its potential suggests."

In terms of its cost-effectiveness, the OeE says the initiative "compares favourably (and more closely) to the cost of advertising via an appropriate online magazine", while highlighting that it difficult to find "an equivalent route to market".

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