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Final IEG3 Guidance Released
21 July 2003

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has released this morning its long-awaited final guidance and proforma to assist local authorities in preparing their third Implementing Electronic Government (IEG3) statements.

The guidance, formulated by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), sets out elements which councils should seek to address in their IEG3s in order to meet the necessary conditions for continued government support of their plans to implement eGovernment.

The deadline for submission of the third round of IEG statements, originally set for the end of October, has been pushed back to 10 November 2003, leaving councils 15 weeks in which to draw up and finalise their proposals. A further £200,000 of government funding is to be made available in 2004-5 for each council that submits a satisfactory IEG3 statement.

This year, a new proforma system has been developed for IEG3 returns in order to simplify the process for local authorities and move towards a self-assessment approach. Councils are asked to summarise their plans and
programmes according to the six parts of the model of the local e-organisation, as presented in the ODPM's National Strategy for Local e-Government published last year.

Copies of the new guidance are available here:
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