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New Internet and Broadband Brief

20 August 2003

Internet access continues to roll out across the UK with some half a million homes getting online over the last quarter, according to the latest market briefing issued by Oftel, the telecommunications industry regulator.

Latest figures indicate that share of households with internet access increased from 45 to 47 per cent between February and May 2003, putting the total number of home now connected at 11.75 million.

Figures for broadband take-up, based on data provided by service providers, show that as of February 2003, 15 per cent of homes with internet access were using broadband, an increase of one percentage point over the quarter. Use of slower narrowband internet services fell from 79 to 77 per cent.

Similar patterns are seen in internet use by small and medium-sized busineses, although broadband growth has been considerably higher than in the domestic market, with the proportion of SMEs connected to the internet via broadband increasing from 16 to 24 per cent.

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