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Marketing the Benefits of eGovernment
27 August 2003

Local authorities are invited to express their interest in taking part in a potential National Project examining take-up and marketing strategies for local e-services.
The Deputy Prime MinisterÂ’s Office is exploring setting up a new project to support local eGovernment implementation, looking at how citizens can be made aware of services available and encouraged to use them via the access channels that best suit their needs.  While fundamental to the success of the local eGovernment programme, take-up and marketing strategies for online services are seen as possibly one of the least-developed elements. The ODPM considers that these issues may warrant a separate National Project in itself, which would address issues such as measuring take-up, identifying key local e-services, as well as marketing the benefits of eGovernment to citizens.
Local authorities interested in carrying out some of the work streams - receiving funding and representation on the project board accordingly - are invited to email: by Monday, 15 September.  Only brief details are required concerning authoritiesÂ’ level of interest at this stage.

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