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Putting Car Crime in the Picture

2 September 2003

Woking Borough Council has today launched a new automatic vehicle number-plate recognition (ANPR) system designed to help police in the fight against crime.

Four cameras positioned strategically around the town centre will capture car registration plates as they pass through Woking. Data is then recorded and cross-matched against two live databases of known offenders and local vehicles linked to crime, alerting officers of suspicious activity.

"We have been testing this new system for several months now and we are confident that it will help us to track down criminals in the area", Adrian Leppard, Divisional Commander for North West Surrey Police Division commented.

"ANPR is a very welcome addition to our CCTV capability which currently ensures that up to 40 incidents a week lead to an arrest or positive action. The new ANPR will help build on this achievement with the ultimate aim of preventing and detecting crime in Woking."

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