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Wired for Work?

9 September 2003

New research has suggested that technology is at best of "marginal" importance to helping unemployed people to find work and presents fresh evidence of a new digital divide.

Researchers from the Employment Research Institute at Napier University, Edinburgh, have examined the potential benefits and barriers associated with ICT use to deliver job search services for unemployed people in areas located to the periphery of major cities and remote, rural communities.

Scope is indicated for expanding ICT-based serviecs and promoting new technologies to widen access to both formal information and advice services, although lack of sustainable job opportunities, and the perceived importance of social networking in finding jobs, could limit the impact of IT-related policies to assist job seekers.

Unlocking the potentila of the internet as a job search tool will rely upon the provision of adequate local community ICT facilities and support, the report concludes.

Full details of the research

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