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Child Protection Plans Unveiled

9 September 2003

Ministers have announced plans to set up a national electronic register to enable public bodies to share information on at-risk children with the aim of triggering early intervention where appropriate.

The move forms part of a package of reforms to children's services in a Green Paper unveiled by the Education Secretary Charles Clarke yesterday.  It is designed to avoid a repetition of cases such as that of Victoria Climbie which have underlined the crucial importance of the various agencies, authorities and protection services that come into contact with vulnerable children to work together.

The plans would involve all of England's 150 local education authorities to create a profile on every child in their area.

The Department of Education and Skills said the paper proposed "sweeping away legal, technical and cultural barriers to information sharing so that, for the first time, there can be effective communication between everyone with a responsibility for children."

Download the Green Paper - Every Child Matters

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