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Wandsworth Planning Service Rated UK's Most User-Friendly

17 September 2003

Wandsworth's planning website has been named as the most user-friendly in the country according to a new study of 371 local authority websites.

Judged against 21 criteria reflecting what are considered the most useful online planning information and services to users, the London Borough came top, followed by Huntingsdonshire District Council and Camden Council.

Ravi Govinda, Wandsworth Council's planning applications chairman, commented that
"the rapid expansion of online services has the potential to revolutionise the planning system - making it more open and accessible for householders and developers alike.

"The lesson from this survey is that to achieve these benefits planning departments must look at their websites from the perspective of the user."

The independent survey by Peter Pendleton Associates reports that Wandsworth is one of only 11 councils in the country to accept online planning applications.

News provided by eGov monitor

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