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'Get Started' Considered a Success

7 October 2003

Over 36,000 people may have taken their first steps online as a result of the Office of the e-Envoy's "Get Started" campaign.

The claim comes from
 an upbeat evaluation report on the nationwide Government initiative aimed at encouraging reluctant members of the public to try out the internet for the first time.

Launched amidst a blitz of publicity on 12 May 2003, Get Started appears to have been a success, with an additional 134,000 people expressing interest in finding out more, as well as effective targeting of several disadvantaged social groups.

The proportion of calls received by the campaign's telephone help-line from the elderly, the unemployed and those from ethnic minorities were at least double the national figure for internet use by these groups.

In total, the campaign message was estimated to have received four million communication 'hits' across all the media channels, including Digital TV, the web and the UK Online centres.

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