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Major Unveils ICT Vision

29 January 2004

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, launched today a series of policies and actions to ensure London maintains its position at the frontfront of ICT development and adoption.

In a policy statement titled "Connecting the Capital: Information and Communications Technology in London" issued today, the Mayor outlines his overarching vision for ICT in London, describing key priorities for joint working across the capital.

The five main areas covered by the report are:

- ICT and business: enhancing London's competitiveness
- Social exclusion, equality and ICT for London's communities
- Technology and the public sector: improving the quality of London's public services
- LondonConnects: London's eGovernment Agency
- World class infrastructure for a world class city.

In a statement accompanying the report, Mr Livingstone said: "It is essential that London remains a world leading centre of ICT development and adoption, especially in the way that we champion equal opportunity of access for all."

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