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E-Targets Weigh Down E-Envoy

eGov monitor Weekly

28 October 2002

Andrew Pinder, the Government's e-Envoy, has reportedly made the potentially damaging remark that the Government has "no chance" of achieving the Prime Minister's 2005 e-delivery target.

At a meeting of the Society of Computers and Law held earlier this month, Mr Pinder was said to have confirmed his belief that the deadline for bringing all government services online would not be reached. He allegedly told delegates bluntly: "We have no chance of making it. It's like an albatross around my neck."

The e-Envoy's reported comments were recorded by journalist Jonathan Webdale of New Media Age magazine, who stood by his account when questioned by eGov monitor Weekly.

The Cabinet Office today did not deny that the remarks were made, adding that these were only "a few choice lines in a speech that went on to say a great deal more" - such as the Government's commitment to radical reform of public services and how eGovernment was providing a "powerful catalyst" for this transformation.

The Office of the e-Envoy's latest report on the progress of electronic service delivery, published at the beginning of October, forecast that all but two of the 581 services provided to citizens or business would be online by the 2005 deadline.

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