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LAWs Outputs Released

1 April 2004

LAWs, the Local Authority Websites National Project, has announced the release of a suite of products and tools to help local authorities in offering online transactional services and improving the content of their websites.

The project's outputs, showcased at an event in London yesterday, include:

  • APLAWS+, an open source, next-generation content management system designed for the needs of local authorities
  • Generic website content and templates for providing information on local authority services
  • The Local Government Category List, which sets out a structured list of categories of local and community resources
  • LGOL-Net, an open source middleware solution which can provide councils with the technical capability to deliver transactional websites, and can be deployed by councils on a pure open-source infrastructure, removing the need for capital outlay on software licenses.

Other outputs include community engagement modules, information architecture and standards, as well as guidelines to help councils manage the change processes involved in implementing LAWs.

Funding for the project's core work ended yesterday, but activities will continue on 'productisation' of the outputs and providing support to local authority adopters and suppliers.

For more details see the project website at

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