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Ofcom Chief Executive on DTV Take-Up, Broadband

2 April 2004

The Chief Executive of Ofcom, the telecommunications and media industry regulator, has thrown his weight behind calls for Government and the private sector to tackle together the issue of digital television take-up.

Addressing the Westminster Media Forum, Stephen Carter commented that market forces alone could not be relied upon to achieve the desired level of conversion to digital sets. "
Our assessment is that the market alone will deliver somewhere between 75-85% penetration", he said. "However, if unaided, it will then stall".

Mr Carter was responding to the findings of a study, released earlier this week, which was commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry into public attitudes towards the digital switchover.

He also announced that Ofcom is to publish a full overview of its plans for broadband market regulation, which is expected at the end of April. This will be followed in May by an analysis of the Wholesale Broadband Market, with the subsequent announcing of measures to improve competition.

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