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Future Vision for Museums, Libraries, Archives

2 April 2004

The Museum, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) has published a new five-year vision for the sector in England in which it anticipates open access to the nation's knowledge banks.

The vision document, Investing in Knowledge, outlines a future with "new and enticing routes" to collections, allowing every citizen "access to information they need to shape their lives".

By 2009, the MLA see collections across the country linked seamlessly in a 'Knowledge Web', available through wireless technologies, which would offer access to millions of items of digitised content.  Also by this time, integrated, inclusive museum, libraries and archive services would be playing a key role in dealing with issues such as social exclusion, health education and crime reduction, with local communities involved directly in their running.

The vision also portrays museums, libraries and archives are the centre of a "global online cultural tourism network" which visitors could book visits, accommodation and travel and conduct virtual tours of England's heritage.

Download the document (PDF - 2.3MB)

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