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Website Accessibility Investigation Published

14 April 2004

Government webmasters have been urged today to take account of the needs of disabled users or be prepared to face legal action under anti-discrimination laws.

The call follows the publication this morning of the Disability Rights Commission's investgation into the accessibility of 1,000 websites from both the public and private sectors.

Government websites were generally found to be performing better than other sectors in terms of accessibility, with 30 per cent of homepages tested passing the most basic standard of accessibility, against an average of 19 per cent across the board.

The study also analyses the barriers to website accessibility and makes 15 recommendations aimed at Government, the web industry, business and disability organisations.

Commenting on the DRC study today, Martin Greenwood, Programme Manager for Socitm Insight, said that the report provided "convincing evidence that more accessible websites are not just easier for the disabled - they are in fact easier and quicker for everyone to use".

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