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CPA is Great Opportunity to Improve Public Services - Audit Commission

New Local Government Network

12 November 2002

Sir Andrew Foster, Controller of the Audit Commission has urged councils to embrace their forthcoming Comprehensive Performance Assessments as an opportunity to improve local public services.

In a keynote address to the 'Comprehensive Performance Assessment: Strategies for Success' conference in London yesterday, Sir Andrew said:

“For the first time, a Government in power is prepared to return influence and authority to the local level. It is the strongest statement of political will I’ve ever heard and a tremendous opportunity for the leadership of local government to make a real difference to public services”.

“I call upon committed public servants to drive CPA forward, be positive about it, don’t get caught in a bunker and don’t overly analyse bureaucratic elements of the assessment. To spend a lot of time on the intricacies would not be a good way of spending public money”.

Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) is being introduced this year to create a more streamlined assessment of local authorities' performance.

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