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Lessons From Top Councils Should Help Others Deliver Ambitious Improvement

Audit Commission

4 December 2002

Excellent local authorities stay focused on priorities based on local people's needs and work more in partnership, according to a report published today by the Audit Commission.

A Picture of Performance – early lessons from Comprehensive Performance Assessment sets out some of the key findings to emerge from CPA.

Today's report is a precursor of next week's publication of individual reports on 150 English councils.

The emerging findings show that most councils have high ambitions and can manage resources effectively, but only the top councils are properly harnessing resources to deliver their ambitions for a better quality of life for local people.

Three factors make a clear difference:

  • Focus and priorities – staying focused on local priorities without being diverted by short term crises, the best councils choose their new initiatives carefully;
  • Partnerships – are beginning to pay real dividends in delivering better services for local people;
  • Managing performance – treating plans and targets not as ends in themselves, but as a way to get high-quality services.

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