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Half of England's Largest Councils Ranked

Audit Commission

12 December 2002

Just over half of the largest councils in England are either good or excellent, according to a major report from the Audit Commission - providing what is said to be the most detailed analysis of local government ever compiled.

All 150 county, metropolitan, unitary and London councils have been scored under the new Comprehensive Performance Assessment as either excellent, good, fair, weak or poor overall. Councils have also been scored from 1 to 4 in key service areas: education (based on Ofsted reports); adults' and children's social services (based on Social Services Inspectorate assessments); benefits (based on Benefit Fraud Inspectorate reports); and housing, resources, environment, leisure and libraries, based on Audit Commission and Government data.

Results show that there are 22 excellent councils, 54 good, 39 fair, 22 weak and 13 poor. This means slightly more than half are in the good or excellent categories, and slightly under half are ranked as fair or worse.

County councils have performed the best overall – 49 per cent are good and 23 per cent are excellent. London councils show extremes, with 24 per cent excellent and 12 per cent poor. Unitary councils are clustered in the good band, while metropolitan councils show an even spread with most ranked fair.

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