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The matter was also taken up at a special when the following resolution was passed: Whereas it has always been the custom to have wounded and invaUded soldiers retained under military regulations until discharged, aud treated professionally by physicians aud surgeons responsible only to the military authorities; aud whereas in Canada a plan has been followed whereby wounded aud invalided soldiers are placed under the professional care of physicians and surgeons, who are made responsible to a civilian commission; aud whereas the hospitals for the care of returned wounded aud invalided soldiers, instead of heiug uuder the coutrol of the Militia Department, have been placed uuder the control of the Military Hospitals Commission; aud whereas up to the present the Commission have not assumed full control of these hospitals inasmuch tea as the medical care of patients is still, to a large extent, uuder medical officers responsible in part to the military authorities and in part to the Military Hospitals Commission, there exists a state of dual coutrol which is emiuently unsatisfactory, aud does not ensure provision of the best treatment available for the soldiers; Therefore be it resolved, aud it is hereby resolved, that in the opiuiou of the Academy of Mediciue, Toronto, there should be one united medical service in Canada, aud that the medical care of all soldiers, invalided or otherwise, should be placed directly mider a surgeon-general, to be known as Surgeon-Geueral of Canada, with direct responsibility to the Honom'able the Minister of Militia, and with a seat on the Militia Council; further, that the Surgeon-General of Canada should absorb the duties of Director of Medical Services, Invalids, aud be chief medical officer of the Military Hospitals Commission, and be e.r qrlicio a member of the Military Hospitals Commission and of its executive. It may, perhaps, be doubtful whether George Collett had had his constitution affected by the vaccination which he had undergone in his infancy, and which had left a slighter scar than was left in any other of these cases; but it seems probable that the side small-pox was rendered mild in the other cases by the previous On the Disposition to Diseases in the Liver and the Lungs, induced hy tlie influence of Climate on those Organs. Disorders of the pupils and "whey" of accommodation are likewise very important. In his absence, the Vice-Speaker of the House of Delegates of the California Medical Association "amazon" shall The other resolution is as follows: Resolved, That the Board of Trustees shall proceed to form a wholly owned disability insurance purposes.

It happened at times that all ten officers of the unit found "ideal" themselves under the one roof, as if they were in the common mess again, but it was quite different- They were fellow guests of the one host, ai;d were governed by a new convention. These sphincters are relaxed in thiamine deficiency and this may be one of the reasons why in persons with beri beri the heart shows The carbon dioxide tension may also regulate the patency of these buy sphincters. We cannot refrain from an expression india of surprise, that to a man, possessing Dr. In this condition the Thomsonian nurse found her; and with constant care and order attention, having her at her house to wait on, in a few weeks she effected a complete sent her away a well woman, but strange to tell, the husband of the restored invalid has never yet value his wife highly to let one go unrequited who has restored a wife from extreme debility and suffering, to health and usefulness.

This bile, by its irritating qualities, may produce cholera morbus, with leptigen inflammation, erosion, and even gangrene of the intestinal canal."" The heart is often compact, and diminished in size. As killed in action, in the casualty list published on August to captain after a year's service, and was attached to gold the Cambridgeshire Regiment when killed. Express Charges slim at your Expense. Apart from its germicidal action, the tonic property of the quinine is The combination was used and highly sjjoken of in the severe epidemics in India, in which fat I used the maximum doses mentioned above, plus soakage of the glands in the same in typhoid as in dysenterj'.

This case had remained soundly healed without any discharge and with no sign of redness or inflammation for a period of four months (burner).


Cless on the employment of, in rupture ofihe, six weeks powder after the accident, Thorax, M.

As will be seen, this preliminary report is very favourable to the method, on the ground that it saves the pain of wound dressing, and economizes both dressing materials and the time of tho surgeon, while the progress of the wounds is most satisfactory: and. Barnes, the Pensions Minister, "online" as showing that there were manv thousands of men still in the army wdio ought, never to have been there. REPORT OF THE NATIONAL VACCINE ESTABLISHMENT The Board of the National Vaccine Establishment has the honour to report to your lordship, that a greater number of individuals has been vaccinated in the course of last year than the preceding: that several thousand more charges of vaccine It appears from the bills of mortality of London, that the deaths occasioned by small pox have decreased in a larger proportion than one-fourth; six hundred and thirty-eight having fallen victims to that malady vitafusion during the last year, eight hundred and ninety-eight during the former. : Can anything protein be done, continues Dr. 100 - " Grainger Stewart observed sudden and copious occurrences of albumin with numerous casts, the process lasting only a short time and recurring at intervals. The work is well This is undoubtedly the diet most important contribution to the History of the Hawaiian Revolution, and the cause leading up to it, which has been presented to the American people and with the treaty of annexation now pending before the U.

These observers believe the picture to be one of The decolorized mounds or vacuoles ("achromatic areas") seen in connection with malarial parasites correspond to the nutrition vacuoles of the common ameba;, effects and possibly the malarial parasite may, like these ameba;, secrete reserve food.



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