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Welcome to the Socitm London pages, that are hosted by the London Connects website.

SOCITM, the Society of Information Technology Management was founded in 1986 as the professional association for ICT managers working in and for the public sector. Members are drawn primarily from local authorities but also from the police and fire services, housing authorities and other locally delivered public service.

Managers or consultants from organisations supplying ICT products and services to the public sector, or which support public services in other ways, may also join the Society.

With over 1600 members from 450 different organisations including 95% of all UK local authorities, Socitm provides a widely respected forum for the promotion, use and development of ICT best practice. It also plays a leading role in the implementation of local e-government in the UK.

The Society is a significant provider of advice and guidance on ICT and e-government to local authorities. Socitm offers a growing range of services including publications, conferences, events, training, research and consultancy.

SOCITM LONDON is, as the name implies, the regional branch in the capital city.  Whilst the core of our group are the local Socitm members, we run open meetings and encourage involvement from all stakeholders of e-Government and public sector ICT.  Our current mailing list has over 400.

Socitm London runs five half day meetings each year, which are an excellent forum for keeping up to date with issues of mutual interest, hearing from excellent speakers on best practice and the latest innovations, and networking informally with your peers. 

The Chair of Socitm London is Ray Whitehouse, of LB Havering,

The Secretary is Henri Reinbolt, of LB Greenwich,

Administration services for the Region are provided by London Connects. Contact Tel: 020 7934 9789

For further information about Socitm, visit -

2006 Socitm Branch meeting dates

23 February
4 May
20 July
21 September
23 November



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