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What is Valuebill?

Valuebill, one of the National Projects funded by the ODPM, establishes the electronic exchange of information between local authority billing agencies, the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), and the National Land and Property Gazetteer - improving valuation services for citizens and businesses and providing benefits to all aspects of customer-facing work for which accurate property information is crucial. It is also assisting the integration of billing authorities and VOA into the wider land-related initiatives in local and central government.

"Valuebill is unequivocally in accordance with the government's drive for joined up working in local government...a winning partnership between Central and Local Government"
Steve Pennant - Chief Executive, London Connects

Project Status

The project formally completed in March 2005 and is currently rolling out. Sustainability is now confirmed by ODPM to be with London Connects. A short survey will be carried out in April 2006 to verify authorities implementing Valuebill and also to identify support requirements.

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The Products

The Starter Kit - available mainly on-line here and also on CD includes: videos, case studies, data matching procedure, cost/benefits template and project planning template.

Schemas for data exchange, using XML - these are open source. All suppliers and users of applications which use property data should be aware of them. Schemas being incorporated by suppliers.

Linked files

Adobe Portable Document Format file (pdf) 01 - Starter Kit - Introduction

Adobe Portable Document Format file (pdf) 02 - Starter Kit - Overviews

Adobe Portable Document Format file (pdf) 03 - Starter Kit - Case Studies

Adobe Portable Document Format file (pdf) 04 Starter Kit - Appendices

Adobe Portable Document Format file (pdf) 05 Starter Kit - Glossary



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